Tree of Life Metal Privacy Screen Set of 3, Large Home & Garden Décor, Metal Garden Art, Rusty Metal | PS512



Set of 3 Privacy Panels.

Dimensions: 72″ Tall x 73.5″ Wide.

Each individual panel is 72” tall x 24.5″ wide.
Ground stakes are included (these are not part of the measurement).

Rusted Patina or Bare Metal options available.

The Tree of Life  is an exquisite addition to any outdoor space that will enhance both the beauty and privacy of your backyard or garden.

These panels are a unique piece of art crafted with durable steel material that is built to last for years. The rusted finish gives it a rustic and natural look that blends perfectly with any outdoor environment.

The Tree of Life symbolizes growth, strength, and interconnectedness, which makes it more than just a privacy panel. It’s a piece of art that will bring a sense of harmony and tranquility to your outdoor living space. The detailed and intricate pattern of the design creates a stunning visual that will captivate anyone who sees it.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this is a practical solution to your privacy needs. It provides a visual barrier between your outdoor living space and your neighbors, allowing you to enjoy your garden or backyard in peace.

This privacy panel is perfect for anyone who wants to add elegance and character to their outdoor space. It’s easy to install and can be used in various settings, such as creating a standalone panel or as part of a fence.

In conclusion, the Tree of Life is an exceptional piece of art that provides both privacy and beauty to your outdoor living space. It’s a practical and affordable investment that will transform your backyard or garden into a stunning work of art.

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Bare Steel, Rusted Steel, Rusted Corten Weathering Steel


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